Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I now have 4 doz eggs in the fridge. Well, I lied, I made a Pound cake that used 8 eggs! Did you see that? 8 eggs! (Yippee Skippy!) I think for church potluck I will bring two quiches. Also I will bring eggs to the Farmers Market and see if I can sell them there.

Topic change.

Yesterday at the library I had two polar opposite patrons.

Patron one was upset that she was paying over 100.00 for checks through her bank and she wanted to order them online. But she had no clue on how to do it, who to trust, would I please do it for her? I told her that I could show her how to search for companies that have checks but that she would have to make the choice. I typed checks in the goggle search engine and a bunch of them showed up. I walked away, then realized that she had no idea how to look at them. I came back, helped her look at a few and showed her how to look at others.

Patron two. Man walks in and asked if he could use a computer without a library card. "Yes you can" I told him. He signed in, stuck in a flash drive, printed up 10 pages, paid and walked out.

Topic change.

Milk update. Still only about one cup of milk. I stared to hold back the grain today. Maggie did not eat hers while on the stand, when done milking I put the grain back and just fed them hay tonight. (Okay, I lied, Juju got a handful of grain. I didn't want her to go cold turkey) Maggie fights going to the stand, but once in front of it and I have pulled her head up, she will get up on the stand. Then she nibbles at the grain, stops that, then tries to pull her head out. She gets all her weight on her back legs. That makes it hard to milk! Tonight I again tied her head to the stand ( Up high) While milking, she leans on me. I don't want to pull away fast as she has fallen off the stand two times but her leaning on me makes it hard to milk. We will get if figured out sooner or later. I just breath deep and remind myself that it's just milking a goat, not life or death.


  1. Comment 1:
    I guess I am somewhere between Patron and Patron 2.
    Comment 2:
    Are you working with JuJu to keep her used to the milking stand?
    Comment 3:
    I am confused about Willow/Wilber. Do you know the gender of this cute little kitty??
    Comment 4:
    I think that selling eggs at the market is a great idea!
    Comment 5:
    Glad to hear that Maggie does snuggle with Meg. She is a fortunate kid to have you as her human mommy!

  2. When I used to groom dogs I'd have dogs that would lean into me and on my arms. It makes it hard to brush and cut their hair too.I don't suppose it would work with a milk goat, but there is a way to sling a dogs back end up so that he can't lay down or lean on you. That would probably interfere with the milking though....maybe you could put a block of wood on the stand at belly height which would allow her to lean on that but not you. Sounds like you finally have a cheap and easy plan every week for church dinner.

  3. Oh, I was sad to read about the baby goat. Glad Nutmeg is doing well. She is so cute! I am enjoying your blog...quite different than what I am used to; sounds like good hard work to keep you out of trouble!!! haha.

  4. Give Maggie a good poke in the butt to get her off you!

  5. I remember the cows leaning on us when we'd put the milkers glad she's not a cow..

  6. I wish you lots of success tomorrow at the Market!

  7. Make angel food cake from scratch! It'll make a dent in those eggs and taste so very much better than a box!