Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Free at last!

That's it! I'm done with school for the summer. I will find out in a few days what my grades are.

Here's a picture of Willow, who became a Wilbur. But I'm thinking that Wilbur is preggers! Or she has a nice round tummy due to the fact that she is a piggy. It's kind of funny. When I had Colby, Harvey would keep her away from the food until he was done, Willow/Wilbur eats first now. Harvey has to take a back seat. Meg just finished half a bottle of milk so she's not hungry, just likes to suck on stuff. I have found that I need to have "barn" clothes now. It's amazing how dirty then can get. Also, goat milk stains your clothes. Not a stain, stain but like a grease or oil stain. Must be from the fat in the milk.

I wish that I had audio for this picture. Meg has some vocal cords on her! Makes me have a strong urge to feed her. I think that I have become her mom.

I have been asked if I have hobbled Maggie so that the baby can nurse. I have not and I'm not going to. The baby no longer even tries to nurse off her and it's really not a problem for me to bottle feed her. Maggie does not like getting on the stand, but once on she no longer fights to be milked. We are getting a rhythm going. I'm getting a little bit more milk out of her. Both Juju and Maggie are not eating their grain like the used to so that it not very tempting to Maggie.
Anybody know of a sure fire goat treat? Juju likes carrots but Maggie doesn't. They sometimes like green beans.


  1. Does Maggie have any motherly instinct towards Megs?

    That's one cute baby goat.

  2. On another post someone suggested feeding Maggie while you milk her. That is a great suggestion. My goaties only get grain as long as they are milking. You should be using a stainless steel bucket for collecting the milk. Are you planning on drinking the milk, making cheese and ice cream, or just using it for soap?

    I like your goats. They look like they are well cared for and loved.

  3. Little Meg is very cute. She looks tiny in the pic where her head is next to your hand. Wilbow (willow/wilbur) is a very pretty cat. I remember you saying that this cat has some mixed up sex thingy - you really can't tell if it's male or female?

  4. Good girl Krissy!!! You're being such a good mommy!!

    Meg is so darn cute! That name does fit her quite nicely.

    Miss you Krissy poo.

    Did you get the invitation I sent for Jims B day?....I was hoping you'd surprise us and show up...and you could've had a ceaser salad from Mooses Tooth too!

  5. So, how did that last test go? Did you wing it or what?

    Glad all is well in your goat world.

  6. Yes, Maggie has motherly instinct with Meg. She will lick her and nuzzle her. If i sneek up on them I sometimes catch Maggie laying next to the baby.

    @ AKPonyGirl. I do feed them grain but you know what? I grain them AM and PM. I don't think that grain is a treat anymore. I will go back to just grain on the stand. Thanks for bringing that up. Right now I'm just feeding the milk back to the baby. I would like to make cheese later on. but for now, I feel good that i just can milk her!

  7. I'm confused. Willow is a girl, but you changed the name to wilbur or was it Wilbur first and then Willow? Hoepfully she is just a piggy.

    Nutmeg is such a cutie. Love her white ears and the spot on her head.

  8. My goats LOVE corn on the cob. Febe will run you over to get it. Try that. Also there are horse treats called Squeezie Buns. They are from the USA so you should be able to find them easily at a tack shop.

    Megs is a cutie!!!Things seem to be picking up.

    Like AKPonyGirl said, make sure all your milking things are stainless Steel.