Monday, May 10, 2010

One more day!

Today was the last day for my written communication class. I wont know what my grade is for a few more days but it looks like I'm only short 30 points from a perfect score. We had 1065 points possible and I have 1035. In looking over my work I see that I got dinged a lot for spelling and grammar. Surprise Surprise!

Tomorrow is the last day for my Psychology class. We do have a big final test worth 100 points and then we had to do a scrapbook do-hickey thing worth 40 points. The scrapbook thing is to cover all the "sharing" that we did. ( That was the little gifts and other things what we brought in) The teacher said that we could do a collage instead so that's what I did. In this class I have a extra 100 points or so. Even if I tank on the big test I think that I will still have a good grade for the class. (Not that I plan on doing bad, but just in case)

It will be nice to be done with school for the summer.

On the goat front.

The little baby girl is doing fine. I'm going to name her Nutmeg, and call her Meg for short. She was playing with a chicken today. Well, she was playing and the chicken was looking for food but Meg thought that it was all fun. Little goats are so cute when they scamper and kick up their legs. She tried to head butt the chicken but missed by a few feet.


  1. Good for you on the school front! Meg and the chicken sound pretty funny, do you have a movie camera? You might win a bundle on America's Funniest Videos....
    Has Maggie started allowing Meg to nurse or are you still doing the job by hand?

    Janice (can't remember my password - AGAIN!)

  2. Can't wait to see more pictures of baby Meg. Congratulations on your new milking abilities. Now you are a pro.

  3. Whoopie Krissy! School's out for summer (almost)!

    Gald your Meg is thriving.

  4. Nutmeg sounds like a cute name. Maybe meg will strike up a friendship with one of the chickens!