Saturday, May 29, 2010

Farmers Market.

I am so, so glad of the spot that I have. That nice big leafy tree came in handy today. It was hot, got up to 85. Evey once in a while we would have a nice breeze that was very welcomed. (F.Y.I. It was 90 at my house)

I did real well this time. I sold 21 bars. I know, that may not sound like lots, but I think that as the season progresses it will be more. 21 bars is the most I have sold at this type of thing, that includes the craft fairs that I have been in. Two of the people that bought soap today were repeats of other past soap sales. They liked it so they came back to buy more for other people and themselves.

I forgot to tell you that the Harvey (The black cat) brought me a mouse the other day. I tossed it to the chickens and you would have thought that it was Thanksgiving dinner! Those hens fought over that mouse like nobodies business. I didn't know that chickens could or would be so aggressive over a dead mouse. Your day is never wasted when you learn something new.


  1. Good going Krissy! That tree is, and will continue to be, a blessing on market day!

    It was AT LEAST 75 yesterday in Anchorage. Bring it on!

    I started out the day really early by going to the East pool at The Alaska Club. Wearing a sweater at 6am was a great idea because it was really chilly. Unfortunately, I did not make it home to change until mid-afternoon when the temp had reached that wonderful 75 degrees. The ONLY problem is that with no rain we have 80 fires across Alaska. Soon the sky's of Anchorage will be filled with smoke.

    I will remember these days in the middle of the winter when I ask myself "Why is it again that we live here?"

  2. I'm so glad you are doing well selling your soap at the Market. Repeat customers are fantastic!!

    I didn't know chickens would eat mice. They eat bugs so why not bigger chunks of meat, right?

  3. Wow that was a lot of soap, good for you!

    Ick. I hope that doesn't produce mouse tasting eggs.

  4. Oh Krissy, I soooo wanted to bring back one of those lizards from my sisters yard for your cats and my cat. They move so fast. Once in a while my sister"s cats will bring a dead lizard into the house and give it to you when your sleeping!!!!!

    Your soap is now in Florida and Maryland!

  5. That's great news about the soap. I hope you get lots of repeat customers! You ought to throw a mouse into a pond with turtles - they'll go into a feeding frenzy.

  6. Krissy,

    We agree ! ... I figure day is done once I learn something new during the day... always something to learn !

    S dot

  7. Yep! Something new...I never would have thought that chickens would fight over a mouse.

  8. Congrats on the soap sales Krissy - repeat customers say a lot!!