Friday, May 28, 2010

Over and Over

That's what I do. I tell myself over and over that I love having pets. By that I mean my dog and two cats. This morning Harvey upchucked on the kitchen floor (Good cat! Linoleum much easier to clean)

While my back was turned getting a wash rag to clean it up, Abby, had to see what it was. I do the "hey hey hey" and she tries to turn quickly and slides in the upchuck and smears it and then tracks it to the back door. So, a small mess turned into a big mess. I love my pets, I love my pets. I really really do!

P.S. Did I tell you that last week Abby puked in the truck again? I can't remember now what I fed her but I remember thinking that maybe I should not while I was putting it in her dog dish. I paid for that mistake! As Abby gets older, her tummy is much more sensitive.


  1. It was a hot dog last time she puked in the truck. Yuck!

  2. You got to love Abby and puking in the truck. Do you remember the clam episode? Nothing quite like the smell of clams being upchucked from a dog belly.

    I have to remind myself almost daily that I love my dogs. Especially Roxy.

  3. Poor Abby. It's heck to get older..

  4. That's funny. I stepped in cat puke once and did the one-legged polka all the way to the bathroom.

  5. I can tell you tales of living with cats, you rather not want to hear. What I don't understand is why must they do it inside if the doors wide open for them to go outside. Still won't get rid of them either.