Thursday, May 27, 2010

I was a DD.

DD, that stands Dumpster Diver. I admit, I stole somebodies trash. Last night I needed and wanted to get out of the house. I was in the mood for an ice cream cone. I drove all the way into the big town and went to Culver's and got a cone. On the was back I drove up and down back streets in the town. Being that school (College) is out for the summer, all the kids are dumping their stuff out in the street. I saw couches, beds, lamps, desk, you name it and you could probably find it. I spied a wire laundry rack do-hickey thing. I'm tired of my soap and stuff sitting on the top of the dryer or washer and moving them back and forth. I pulled up, hopped out, tossed it in the the truck and took off. It was easy, I want to do it again.

This picture has nothing to do with the story, just that it was pretty and I took it at night.
I also took this picture tonight. The moon was a bright pumpkin in the sky.

For those that wanted to know. From what I have read and what I have been told, it's not uncommon for first time momma goats to be confused and reject the babies. Sometimes only one will get the boot, sometimes both (Twins are the norm in goats) My personal opinion is that many goat owners take the babies away right after birth, and then the other goats don't see good role models and learn proper goat behavior. This goes on for generations so that instinct does not get reinforced. I can see that right now with the two that I am bottle feeding. They don't really know how to nibble on other food. The one that nurses will mouth what ever she sees her mom eating.
Like I say. This is IMHO.

If your wondering why the babies are taking away, there are lots of good reasons. One main reason is to stop CAE (Goat virus) that is passed via the milk and also, if you have dairy goats then you want/need that milk for your own use. The make goat milk replacer. That is what my goat lady uses. Another reason, goats can be pretty rough with each other and keeping the babies separate can keep them safe.

I was also asked about the bug dope that I'm using. The goat lady said just to use OFF or some brand like that. I never even thought about using anything else. Up in AK we used OFF or some other brands on the dogs. I do not spray them down. Just a short and light "spiss" along their back.

I will have to do a little research on that now.


  1. Thanks for the updates and answers to some questions. You kids are reaaly cute!!!
    I understand DD - free is good! Some of the stuff looks pretty good!

    Here is my story: I had an old Nordic Trac in the back on my Explorer & I had been trying to get it to the dump. Today my peony's from Fritz Creek in Homer arrived at work and I needed to get them home. I drove down our back alley at work and found one of the guys out for a smoke break. I asked if I could put it in the dumpster and when he found out what it was - he asked if he could have it for his wife! Bingo bango I have room for plants!
    Are you going to Market this Saturday? I think you should have some copies of Carina available for sale!

    Have a great week-end!


  2. DD is always fun. I saw some good stuff the other day. Wish I'd have had my van - very nice leather recliner.

    Did your vet recommend a brand of bug spray?

  3. P dot keeps "tool's" in the p/u bed for dumpster diving. He's a pro ... Pointy shovel is great and he's added a ... ?? thing .... well ... it really looks like a HUGE halibut hook with a handle so he doesn't have to go inside the dumpster so often. He made the tool himself. He really does have a cardboard box addiction.

  4. I have actually never "dumpster dived", but I have gone landfill shopping. In the number 1 fishing port in the nation, boats come and go and throw away brand new stuff! My dad built my mom's first studio out of wood from the dump! Gotta love it.

  5. We have a lot of items in our home and cabin that were pre-used and disposed of. You just can't beat free!