Sunday, June 20, 2010

All by myself.

I ran out of room for all the milk that I have frozen for soap. I went out and got a freezer. I need to get that into the house.

I got in in the house and now I need to get it down the stairs.

Tadaaaa! Got it down.

All plugged in. Later tonight I will move all the milk to the chest freezer. I will also take inventory so I know how many batch's I can make. I am still getting milk from the goat lady. I kind of hinted that I may stop getting milk as I thought that I had plenty. She didn't like that, she hates to toss the milk out. I think that now that I have room I will keep getting milk and freezing it till the chest freezer is full.

After I got that all done, I went and collected eggs. I then took the eggs (Six eggs) and put
them next to the broody hens. The hens looked, (Cluuuuuk, how in the heck did these eggs roll out?!) and with their beaks, tucked the eggs in under them. Tomorrow, when they get off the nest to go eat and drink some water, I will remove the old eggs and toss them. Now the new eggs, not sure if they are have been fertilized. Remember, my rooster is a bantam, I do not provide a step ladder for him. I will also do that for the eggs that I collect tomorrow. They will be sitting on between 10 and 14 eggs.

I am the cheese man. (Woman) I got about 1/2 cup of soft fresh cheese from 1/2 gallon of milk!
I need to get real cheese cloth that is used for cheese making. Not the cheap stuff that I got from WalMart. I probably would have had more cheese, but some of the curds were between the layers and when I tried to scrape them off with a rubber spatula, I was then picking of thin fabric fibers from the cheese cloth.

I was asked if I would try and sell the cheese? No, no can do, nor do I want too. For one thing, you can't sell "raw milk" products without a licences and also I would not want the hassle of setting up a business that sells a food product. (Bunch of inspections and stuff)


  1. I think you should get a "real" rooster! Or else some little hens for your little guy. :)

    How on earth did you get that chest freezer down the stairs? Are you able to walk in an upright position today?

    No only are you the cheese woman you are the woman!

  2. Holy shit Kris! How did you manage that? Guess you are really superwoman in your spare time!! Hope you didn't hurt your back or any other necessary parts :)

  3. Wow, I thought you were helpless! So, did you stand under it and walk it down, or did you stand above it, awkwardly leaning over it to get it down? Or did you just boot it and it miraculously land right-side up?

  4. I use new diaper gauze, works much better than regular cheesecloth.

    Frozen milk will separate in time and be quite nasty when you thaw it out... just a heads up.

  5. I think you shoved it down hoping for the best ... Please tell

  6. All that lifting and pushing at the library has given you a good workout Krissy. Could you help me move some book shelves at work today????

  7. Linda, Yep, It sure does get some yicky floaters in the milk when it's been frozen, I wouldn't drink it but when I make soap, the lye does it's thing, and it smooths out. I do know of a person that drinks it with the chunks, she says you get used to it. She says it taste fine. {Shudder}

  8. Oh ya, I didn't think of that! It will be great to keep for soap making... Nope, I tried drinking it and even putting it in the blender - sorry I think it be yuck! Although frozen for no longer than a month doesn't seem to bother it much.

  9. Krissy! wow.. good job getting the freezer down the stairs!