Saturday, June 19, 2010

Try. try, try again.

This morning I tried to get Juju on the stand. I led her to the stand, she started to act up. I held on to her collar and I got up on the stand, I started to pull her up and forward, her legs collapsed and she fell over backwards and ended up on her back, wedged between the stand and the wall. (Not good) She then panicked. I got her out, calmed her down. I fed her grain to her in a pan on the stand. It was an udder failure. (Like my pun?)
Tonight I put the grain on the feed box that's on the stand so she had to get close to the stand. We will do this for a while.

The cheese I made last night did not work out. There might be a reason that cheese cloth is called cheese cloth. I did not have any, I used a tea towel. The whey could not drain with the curds. I tossed that out. I then bought some cheese cloth and I'm trying again. This time it's draining, so that is promising.

The farmers market was slow today. It was real windy too. I got a nice wind burn. I did sell some soap so I did make money but most of the people seemed to be just looking. The Amish ladies did well and so did the guy that makes bread.


  1. Hi Krissy, So what's going on with the broody hen? When will you know if there will be chicks? Have you considered ducks or geese to add to you farm?

    If the cheese thing works out will you sell it at the market?

    How is the soap making coming along? Any new ones in your stock?

    Blessings from rainy, rainy Anchorage. The good thing about this rain is that Alaska is not burning down this summer.

  2. I like the story of milking. You could write a book called "Udder Disasters" and tell all about the wrong ways to milk a goat. Then you could have a section called "Udder Delights" and you could list all your recipes - soap, and I'm sure you'll succeed at something else eventually. Or not.

  3. Sorry, but I had to laugh at the pic in my mind of that silly goat wedged in on her back.

    You sound like you are gaining lots of patience. Since you didn't have human kids to learn patience, God has given you those other kids!

  4. That Juju.. What is up with her?
    You will eventually win her out thought. Of that I'm certain.