Friday, June 18, 2010

Who cut the cheese?

You are so wrong! You think that I am talking about bodily functions and I'm not! I'm trying to make goat cheese tonight. I'm making a soft cheese. The recipe is very simple and I just happen to have all the ingredients on hand.

Goat Milk? Check (Goat milk? I have so much goat milk that I have to buy another freezer)
Lemon? Check
Salt? Check

Heat the milk, then take off the heat, add lemon juice and salt. Drain the whey and let it drain overnight. I think that I am going to have a huge failure. The milk did not curdle well, it was a very fine curd. I used a half gallon of milk and maybe (If it works out) I will get a cup of soft cheese? Not a big return.

I started milking Maggie twice a day. I want her milk production to go up. She is not so sure about being milked in the evening. But the carrot chips help.

I have tried to milk Juju again. Just so you know, you can cry over spilled milk. No, I did not have real tears but I was pretty cranky at her. She kicked the milk pail out of my hand. I think that I'm going to go back to the invention of the wheel with her. She had no legs when I tried to get her on the stand in the past. I think that tomorrow morning, after milking Maggi, I will drag Juju up on the stand and shove carrot chips at her and get her used to the stand. Then make my move on her in a week or so and try and milk her. I have lots of time.


  1. I hope you have success with this cheese so you can get it all figured out and make me some feta!

  2. Mind over matter - in this case it's a goat. I'm sure if you force the issue (with patience) she will eventually submit to your milking of her. It doesn't hurt her, she just is unused to it.

    I'd love some goat cheese - I saw Lindercroft made goat butter. It looks very good.

  3. Good luck. I soo sympathize with you. I had a Nubian that didn't want to go on the stand. It took me months to finally get her to jump up on her own. Her daughter is the same way. That's the good thing about Alpines, you drag them up there 2 or 3 times and then you're good to go.

    I hope you have better luck at cheese making than I do.