Tuesday, June 15, 2010

and proud of it!

I raise my right hand and proclaim,"I'm a doofus" This morning I got up at my usual time. Feed the goats, and the chickens. I did my normal routine and I found myself with an extra half hour. Wow! I must be doing real good on the goat/chicken routine I thought. I went to work and because I had a few minutes to spare I went to the local store and got a banana for breakfast. While there I saw the big clock, it said it was 10am. I asked the cashier if the clock was right. Yep, sure is. CRAP! I'm an half hour late for work! I am to be at work at 9.30am. That's why I had an spare half hour. Doofus!

At work last night I had a patron that wanted to get a library card. I asked if he had one already in the system (We belong to a consortium that has 47 libraries in it) he said no. I started to build his account and low and behold, he does have an account with another library, and has a $124.00 fine! I inform him that I can't give him a card until he takes care of the fine. He claims that there is no way that could be him. That account that has his name has not been used since 2005 and he just moved there two years ago. I tell him that I think that he really needs to look into this because his drivers licence, address and name are a match to the old account.

It was him, he just didn't want to pay that large fine. He thought that I would fall for it. I should have told him that we should go to the cop shop just across the hallway and report this as identity theft. I would have liked to have seen his face if I had suggested that!

For those that think just maybe he really was a victim of identity theft, he was not. I could tell by the way he was acting that he knew he had a fine. He just didn't know that all 47 libraries share information. I gave him a copy of the account and he just shoved it in his pocket. If you were the victim of identity theft, wouldn't you look at what's on your account? Maybe be a little outraged that this has happened to you?


  1. That guy was a shyster for sure! Good for you Krissy!

    And yes, you are a doofus! We all are occasionally so don't feel bad.

  2. I can't imagine having a fine that big!

    I'd have to start raiding my piggy-bank!:(

    ( '' )
    P.S.Like my signature bunny?I do!

  3. Isn't it amazing that people can stand right in front of you and look you into your eyes and LIE?????