Monday, June 14, 2010

Catch up.

My oldest sister made it to my house late Friday night, when I say late, it was after 11:30pm when she pulled into my driveway. The friend that she is helping drive up to AK is 80 years old. He stayed up for about one hour and then went to bed. My sister and I stayed up till about 1.30am and by that time, both of us were yawing so big that we were in danger of sucking in the curtains! We all got up around 7am, they needed to repack the van so they did and they were on the road by 8.45am. I told my sister that next time maybe she could stay a little longer then 10 hours! I was glad that they were able to stop but I sure wish she could have stayed longer. Maybe next time.

I am going to have to look back in the blog and see when the hen went broody. If the eggs are fertilized they should be hatching soon I think. That's why I need to check.

The babies playing with their food. That's Meg on the left
Basil in the back, looking at Meg. Sage in the front also looking at Meg.

Maggie, I'm getting ready to milk her. We are doing much better.
I leave her on the stand when I'm done. I make her stay up there while I feed the chickens.
When done, I give her some dried carrots. Both Juju and Maggie would sell their souls to the devil for carrot chips!


  1. I like your photos. All your animals look happy.

  2. I like that you were yawning so hard that you almost sucked in the curtains - that made me laugh! Your little goatlets are very cute.

  3. Sorry the visit with Jennie was so short. Was she was doing all the driving?

    I sure hope those eggs were fertilized - then you can have cute baby chicks along with your cute kids!

    Blessings Krissy!

  4. so, you are keeping Bill in suspense.. he wants to know who the old guy was..did you get an autograph??


  5. Krissy. someone just told me to replace eggs with golf balls if the hen wants to set... interesting? My dad used to put the hen in a wooden box for a few days and that would "break" them from wanting to set.
    it will be interesting if they do hatch!