Sunday, June 13, 2010

This and that.

I didn't take a picture of all the blood. You can thank me for that! Last night I cut my index finger on my right hand with a tin can. Boy oh boy did that finger bleed! Of course the paper towel dispenser was out so I had to drip blood all over the counter top getting a new roll out. All is well today, other then milking a goat with a cut on your finger is painful (It's on a crease)

I'm running out of room in my freezer for goat milk. I have been buying milk from the goat lady as my goats aren't producing well. Well, Juju is, Sage, her baby, is shooting up like a weed (I feel like an old timer saying that!) It seems that Maggie has settled down with milking. She is also producing more, not a lot, just more. I was able to get close to Juju's teats for the past few days. (She was the one that was thrashing about so I stopped milking her) I am going to give is a try tomorrow morning.

Not much else going on right now.


  1. OUCH! Thank you for not posting pictures of your finger. :)

    Glad your goats are giving you milK. Are you getting milk from JuJu as well as her nursing Sage?

    How was your visit with your sister? I am sure her traveling companion enjoyed the PB cookies.

    Have you checked Lisa's FB page lately?????

    Google doesn't like me again. :(


  2. Did Jenny stop by? Or did she just blow on through trying to get up the Alcan? Sorry you cut your finger! Travis did that a week or so ago and ended up in emergency room with stitches. Silly boy. Silly you - you don't have insurance, you better be more careful.

  3. On the crease cuts are the worst!!! :(

    "I am going to give is a try tomorrow morning."

    I'm dying to know how she did!

  4. You scared me today when you cried out in pain when you hit your finger against the counter....I knew that your finger hurt, and I think all the people in the library knew you were hurting to!!!!!!

    How about a bandaid tomorrow ok?

  5. Hi Krissy, what ever happened to that hen that would not let you move her from the goat pen?

    Curious minds want to know??