Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Beauty and the Beast.

My camera is a cheap one. We are having a beautiful sunset and this picture is as good as it will get.

Yep, that's a big fat juicy tick that I pulled of Abby last night. Gives you the willies huh?

What a morning/day I had. I got up and fed and milked goats (Goat) Ran (drove) to the goat ladies house to pick up milk to freeze for soap making. Her house is on the way to work so I was almost in town when I realized that I had passed the road to her house. (grrr) Got to her house and made plans for her to come over and make soap. Got home and was talking to my friend Kellie and the power went out! No power, no soap making, no running water. Cleaned out the garage and raked up the spilled hay that the goats wont eat and put it on the garden. Tried to nap but was not able too. Power came on and about 10 minutes later the goat lady showed up to make soap. She made a batch and I made a batch. She then neutered the baby male goat (Basil) He was rather squirmy but we got it done. He didn't act any different. I'm glad about that.
Got in the shower to get ready to work and it was not till I was blow drying my hair that I realized that I forgot to use shampoo!


  1. Sunset - beautiful
    Tick - ICK!
    You - Amazing!

    bogger doesn't like me tonight


  2. How could you forget to use shampoo?
    Very strange Krissy.

  3. That is a pretty picture and an ugly little beasty. Poor Abby.

    I've forgotten my hair in the shower too.

  4. Krissy! What a busy day. glad we dont have ticks here. yuck.
    I think its good to go without shampoo once in a while.. I only use it every other day most times... better for the hair I hear? (But, I still wet it down so I dont have bed head!)

    have a great day.

  5. Holy cow you were busy girl!

    Yes, I too have forgotten shampoo. What's really bad is when you forget shampoo, but put conditioner in your hair instead!

  6. hey Krissy...I purposefully skip shampoo every other day. Just use conditioner instead and scrub my scalp with that. Feels clean and it is better for your golden locks!

    Did you use bare fingers to get the tick or pliers?

    Thanks for the birthday card... Wish you were here too then mom probably would have made our special cake!!