Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Day

Today, 46 years ago I came into this world at five pounds and six ounces. I have gained some weight since then.

My friend (and coworker) gave me this African Violet for a birthday present. I love it! It has a very delicate purple edge on the flowers

My cat Harvey also gave me a gift this morning. At four am I heard him growling and thought that maybe there was a stay cat in the house that he was growling at. (I have the back door cracked so the cats can go in and out) It was not a stray cat. It was half of a dead baby rabbit that he was munching on. I was very lucky that I did not step on the gut pile in the hallway nor the bits and pieces in the bedroom when I went to check out why he was growling.

My clothes are getting the 3rd rinse cycle! I forgot to take them of the line last night and it's been raining now for a few hours. I guess they will really have a fresh rain scent!


  1. Happy Birthday Krissy! Glad you like the violet.

  2. Happy Birthday !! what a pretty violet. That wasnt very nice of Harvey. But, if you have rabbits, they'll eat your garden (when you plant one)...

    hope you had a great day.

  3. I'm not sure what's worse, baby rabbits or baby mice!

    I'm glad you had a good birthday today. Well you should have since you mentioned your birthday 100 times in one day. You were really milkin it girl!

  4. rain fresh scent - you know it took scientists years to come up with that scent and you get it natural! Lucky you! The violet is very nice - you have nice friends Krissy Poo! Happy Birthday to you!

  5. Hope you had a great day!
    Harvey had such an original gift for your birthday!

    Birthday blessings dear friend!

  6. Hi Aunt Krissy, A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY, many more happy years o you. Wonder how I missed your post, better late than never Enjoy your day.

  7. Those clothes will be super clean when you finally bring them in!

  8. Happy B/D Krissy Poo !

    The other day we counted eight, yes 8, snow shoe hares in the yard by the road. Then, an anonymous neighbor released some domestic rabbits and the domestic rabbits have had babies! Gertie is about to loose her mind and body from almost constantly chasing a rabbit(s). She goes out the door and sniffs the air and then puts her nose to the ground and then goes as fast as she can once she gets a good trail. We bring her in the house and tell her to go take a nap and rest up and to stop limping... She then looks at us very pathetically.

    Hope it was a good b/d Krissy... send me Alicia's email please...

  9. Well Happy Birthday (belated) you Stinkin' Goat !!! 46 - just a puppy!!!

  10. Happy birthday!!! I'm glad you didn't step in the gut pile. Yuck.

    I knew it was full moon the other day. I had a dead frog, two squirrels (no wonder I have no squirrels around my house) and a mouse on my doorstep. Nice.