Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Today is my dad's birthday. I'm missing family today. I called up my folks to wish my dad a happy birthday and mom told me that my sisters were probably coming over later on to have cake and ice cream. I know that they will have angle food cake with green frosting, and Breyers vanilla ice cream. Mom might make homemade hot fudge sauce for my sisters.

A few days ago I was talking to dad and he sang me a song over the phone. This was the song

Bill Gorden's goat (Bill Gorden's goat) was feeling fine (Was feeling fine)
ate three red shirts (Ate three red shirts) from off the line (From off the line)
Bill took a stick (Bill took a stick) and gave him a whack (Gave him a whack)
and tied him to (And tied him to) the railroad track (The railroad track)
The whistle blew (The whistle blew) the train drew neigh (The train drew neigh)
Bill Gorden's goat (Bill Gorden's goat) was doomed to die (Was doomed to die)
He gave three groans (He gave three groans) of mortal pain (Of mortal pain)
and coughed up the shirts (And coughed up the shirts ) and flagged the train (And flagged the train)

My dad cracks me up. Now I have had that song stuck in my head for a few days now.

Love you dad.


  1. I know it's hard...missing your family and all. I'm just glad you can talk to your family by phone.

    Happy Birthday Krissy's dad :-)

  2. Happy Birthday Anniversary blessings Krissy's dad. Your daughters love you very much! I know because they told me in so very many ways!

    Hey Krissy,

    How is your soap supply coming? Is soap making more of a cool/cold weather activity? I was checking the Chandelle Farm blog and was the Earl Grey was not on the list. Are you just out or has it been discontinued?

    Most of the Thursday night sisters are getting together Friday evening at Lisa's, you will be missed.


  3. I know how hard it is, missing your family. You'll see them in Oct right?

  4. KRIS: I love you too. D.

  5. Love the song, that's great! My dad used to sing all sorts of silly songs...I think there was one about a skunk and something else.

  6. Are you coming back in October?