Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weaning the babies.

The babies were getting three bottles a day. Then two weeks ago I started to skip the midday feeding. They were starting to eat what the big goats eat. About a week ago, on the last bottle of the day, I started to put less and less in the bottle, but still giving them their full bottle in the morning.

Tonight, I will skip the evening bottle. They are not going to like that! They are eating hay, grain, grass,weeds, leaves, twigs and all kinds of yummies in the yard. The evening bottle was no longer giving them much food, more of a habit/comfort thing.

Tomorrow morning, the bottle will have just a little bit less in it. I need them weaned as two of them (Nutmeg and Basil) are going to their new home July 10th.

My goats (Just like the rest of my pets) are very spoiled. Usually I take them for a walk two times a day. By walk I mean I take them to new spots around the property and they get the chow down for about an hour while I sit and watch them and read. Right now they are going to town on some blackberry bramble. It's sweet, but also annoying, when I got outside they run to the gate, hoping that I come over to them, and most often I do. I give them pets and carrot chip treats.


  1. Whose taking Nutmeg and Basil? Goat eaters or goat petters? That's going to leave Sage lonely, but Sage is the one more attached to her mama, right?

  2. Yup sounds like they are spoiled! LOL

  3. You are such a good momma to the goat babies....I think you will miss them when they leave.

    I agree, it's good to start weaning them now.

  4. How fun Krissy - not!! The kids are excited!