Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Confessions

Remember a few days ago I was whining telling you all about how all the animals were getting on my nerves? Well, the baby goats are really stepping on the few that I have left. I am weaning them, and they do not like that, they let me know that they are HUNGRY whenever I go outside.

A few nights after that I had a dream. In this dream I was picking up the baby goats by their necks and swinging them in a tight, fast circle, then I would release them. In a nice long arch, off they would go, sailing in the air, then they would land some distance from me. (Somehow, they did not get hurt when they landed.)

The next morning, after I woke up, I felt very guilty that I was slinging my baby goats, so I was extra nice to them. I gave them extra pets while I was checking out their sweet little necks, wondering if you can really sling a goat.


  1. You be nice to those little babies who think you are their mommy! How would you like it if your mommy was irritated with you when you were squalling for pancakes?! Oh yeah, that's right, she did get irritated at us, didn't she?

  2. On the Wii and Rayman's Raving Rabbids there's a game where you sling a cow around and around and then release it and see how far it goes.... it's a competition with the other people you are doing the Wii with... maybe you need something like that for stress relief????

    then there's the game where you fill the swim goggles of the rabbids with carrot juice.....

    And yes, I'm serious and yes I have played these games but never got to be any good at them... but we sure did laugh hard a lot !

  3. Good thing that was only a dream. Now give your baby goats extra kisses today!

  4. I guess I am a 'bad' goat mommy, cause I just ignore them and walk away. They are eating hay and grain ok, right? Did you wean them all at once or did you slowly get them used to not having the bottle? If you slowly weaned them and they are eating fine, they will get over it! Perhaps loving up on them when you go outside would help. My goats holler at me when I go out side and only one was bottle fed. They love for me to come visit and give them some loving. Mine are rather spoiled though and only having two makes it easier to spoil them rotten... lol

    My goats have taken to getting out of the fence about an hour before milking time. Yesterday they were laying on the back lawn, in the full sun (shade is 98F) waiting for me... silly, silly goats!

    That all being said, I think the whole bottle feeding thing wears thin real quick for me!

  5. Hey on 6/2 in ADN daily briefing I get via e-mail, there is an article about Alaska man who makes/sells goat milkers - did you see it??

  6. Pretty cool, huh?

    She saw it because her womb mate told her about it and I sent it to her via email.

    Krissy, it seems kinda soon to be weaning your babies.