Monday, July 19, 2010

Can you believe it?

Last year, at the library, I taught basic computer classes for seniors. One of the ladies, who we will call Jane, was very nice but you could tell that she was lonely. Her husband teaches computer science but does not have the time nor the patience to teach his wife so she came to my class.

She comes into the library every so often and "chats" She has also gotten into bicycling. And that's where the problem comes in. She knows that I live north of a small town and she rode her bike to that small town and at the local gas station she asked them if they knew me. Jane remembered my first and last name from the computer class so the gas station said that they would look me up to see if I had an account with them. I did (So I could rent DVD's) THEY GAVE HER MY ADDRESS!

She came into the library the other day and told me the story and told me how nice they were to her.
When I got off work I went to the gas station and canceled my account and also told them that I did not like them giving my address out. I'm going to go back when the day manager is on duty and make a more formal complaint. Jane now has told me that she is just waiting for me to invite her over cause she knows where I live (Goody goody gum drops!) That's not going to happen. I'm not going to hang out at my house,waiting for her to drop by on her by bike.

I'm not worried about her and my safety, just that she might become a pest. What bothers me is that they gave out my address. What if they gave it to some creepy guy?


  1. small towns. People in small towns think differently than people in bigger cities. Maybe she'll be your new best friend.

  2. How about you invite her to a coffee at the park, make a flask of coffee and pack sandwiches for two, she could be really nice,and you will soon see if you could be friends without inviting her home. Real friends are hard to find! I agree the service station should not have given out your address but then you could be in the phone book!

  3. "Jane now has told me that she is just waiting for me to invite her over cause she knows where I live..."
    so she can chop you up into little bits and feed you to her 33 cats.

    Creepy. Bad gas station. I"d be makin' some noise about that.

  4. Eesh Krissy.
    Good for you for canceling your account at the gas station.

  5. Wow, I'm surprised at'd think the gas station would know better than that!

  6. Someone better tell "Jane" that you are the one to be afraid of!!

  7. Hmm I guess she could become your new best friend or your worst stalker.
    I am leaning toward her being a very lonely woman. You showed attention and she took that as interest in her.

    What did the gas station manager say when you made your complaint?