Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Confession.

Many years ago, maybe back in 1986/87 or so, I lived and worked for the airlines in a place called King Salmon. Being that I was single, and no kids, the airline would send me out to stations during that stations busy time to help out. I was in King Salmon for the summer. The company provided housing for me that was on airport property. Back then, King Salmon was also an air force base. One side was civilian and the other was military.

I worked a morning shift and would get off work at about 3pm or so. I would take my dog (My first doberman Tina) for a walk around the airport. One time, while walking my dog, I heard the warning sirens go off and stopped to watch the air force scramble the aircraft out. It was very exciting, to be so close and hear and feel the powerful military jets take off. Landing was also exciting to watch as they would have to "hook" a cable laying across the runway with a drag hook to have the planes come to a stop.

The next day I got a phone call at work from the base commander, letting me know that my dog had set off alarm sensors on military ground and that protocol was for them to treat all alarms as a serious threat and the next time my dog got onto military property that they would have to shoot her. He was very nice about it. Just did not want my dog making them take to the sky's!

I had been walking her in that area for a few weeks, she had just never wondered that close to the alarms and there were no signs warning that they were there. Which make sense, if bad guys were sneaking up, you would not want to point out the security system!

I started taking my dog for her walks in a different place.


  1. Only you Krissy can get the Air Force scrambling!

  2. So much for walking your dog. Were you on the wrong side of the fence???

  3. ha ha ha. I don't think I've ever heard that one before. Is it possible you are clueless? Or is it the kind of place that nobody would know that it was high level security?

  4. Oh Krissy... the good ol' days ! You could still walk around K/S airport then... It's all "secured" now.. civilians run the thing... It was around 2002 I had P. fly up there to pick up someone... It was years before he quit telling me he was NEVER EVER going to K/S a/p again.. It was very secure especially for K/S and he had one heck of a time getting to/from his plane... I laugh now but he was one unhappy man when he got back to fish camp.

  5. Wow and what you thought was so exciting was all because of little old you.