Saturday, July 17, 2010

Farmers Market

It was a good day at the market. My best day yet. I sold 26 bars of soap. But that is not all the good news. On Friday I also sold 28 bars of soap, 14 from my web site and 14 to a library patron that bought some soap a few weeks ago and really liked it and wanted more.

I am under a big tree, but the sun was still beating down on me, making me cranky at the market. I had a cheep sun umbrella from WalMart that came with a real wimpy stand. I got 50lbs of quick set cement and made a stand for the umbrella. It works great! I think that I will spray paint the bucket green and stencil on some sunflowers or some kind of flowers so it's not just a white bucket.

I normally have, on my right hand side at the farmers market, a young man that sells his moms olive salsa (It's yummy) Today he did not show, guess who I was so lucky to have next to me? Can't figure it out? It was the singing lady! Less then 10 feet away from me! Could I be any more lucky?! Oh, I think not. A few people told me as they passed, that I was so lucky to have her next to me. I wanted to tell them that it was easy from them to say that. That they should listen to her sing and play the same 10 songs over and over for six hours! I am not sure what it is about her music that gets on my nerves but when she took a potty break for 10 minutes, I could feel my shoulders come down out of my ears. I had been so tense while she was playing.

We had some big storms tonight. Was supposed to have real high winds (70 knots) but it did not happen. I'm glad for that. I lost 3 more chickens with that last storm that we had a few days ago. I think that they must have been caught in a down pour and they died. Not really sure. I'm down to six hens, of which three are broody and one bantam rooster. I get three eggs a day now. Better able to handle that, then the eight eggs a day that I was getting.

Well, it's my bedtime.


  1. Wow! You did really well! You may be finally getting a following who will always buy from you. Time to get making more soap I think. It's nice to have a little extra jingle in your pocket, eh? Sorry to hear about the chickies. Did you find then dead in yard, or just missing again? I think you may have to put them away in bad weather, they must not be smart enough to figure that out for themselves.

  2. Wow, 54 bars of soap in two days? That's great Krissy.

    The singing did you take it for 6 hours! You have patience girl!

  3. So what does she sing and is she singing to sell cd's or just for donatons??