Saturday, July 3, 2010


The goat lady (Who I got my goats from) and her family went South for the long weekend. She asked me if I could take care of her goats. I said sure. She has helped me out a lot.

I did chores with her a few times and I could not milk her goats! My goat has a small bag and easy to milk (We got it all figured out) Her goats have basket ball size udders and teats that are like leather.

I was worried, she said not to worry, as long as I toss them food and make sure they have water they goats can miss four milking. Well, before she left I tried again, and I was able to milk! It takes me awhile and I'm popping Advil and my hand swell up at night, but that's cause I'm not used to it. One of the goats is a real pain to milk. Big bag, long teat, small opening and to big to get on the stand, I have to kneel at her side. She liked to put her foot in the milk pail and smack my face with her tail!

But besides milking the four goats I have to:

Bottle feed four baby goats
Feed two bucks
Feed 15 does
Feed 10 geese/ducks
Feed 20 rabbits
Feed 2 chinchillas
Feed 2 pigs
Feed 3 sheep
Feed the barn cats
Feed about 10 adult goats

When I say feed, I also have to make sure that they all have water too. It takes me about an hour and a half to do all this. This has cured me of wanting any more animals! Tonight the pigs knocked over the big water tank so I had to fill that up, I got sprayed pretty good with the water. I smelled like a goat when I got home so I took another shower.

Oh, shy guy asked me to take a road trip with him on Sunday. So I'm skipping church and going with him. We are going to little Norway? It's about a 3 hour drive south of us. It will be an all day thing.


  1. oooh la la! You and shy guy on a road trip! I hope you have fun and don't find out you can't stand him when you have all this time together. So you are starting to cure me of wanting so many animals too!

  2. Yeah Krissy! First Debbie Jacklin, then Lisa and now you!

    Have fun tomorrow, we expect to hear all about it...

  3. Little Norway is awesome. Be sure to go thru Mount Horeb and see all of the street trolls. Beautiful area down there. Known as "the driftless region", where the last glaciers didn't smoosh the hills. Take a spin to the top of Blue Mound while you are there. Heck, go west from there and take the Great River Road (hwy 35) all the way back north. Have fun!

  4. I'm so excited for you!!!Are you going to hold his hand?!!Tee hee.

    I feel for you about milking the goats. My goat has big teats and big udder, so when I try to milk little ones it cramps my hands. I had a one finger milker last year and couldn't handle it.

    Thats a lot of animals for you to take care of. Good luck!

  5. Did I miss something? I haven't read about shy guy in a while.

    Have a great time!

    That is a lot of animals to deal with...does she not have any chickens? You'll have to convince her to get a few chickens Krissy!

  6. Oh I learned the lesson about to many animals a while ago! No thanks. I want some chickens and some rabbits along with my goats - that's it!!!

    Have you tried milk one teat with two hands? I've never because it has been a very long time since I had full sized goats, but I have thought about it. Today I told Jim at some point I will need a milking machine because my hands ache with just the one milker, it's going to be hard with two! And it isn't because I am not used to it, it is simply I am getting OLD!!! ;(

    Oh that is swell about you and Shy Guy!!!

  7. No way you can make it down there in three hours. I say it will take you at least 3 1/2 to 4 hrs. tops!

    Have fun Krissy...that's my home turf, and I miss the hills and valleys.

  8. Be glad she didn't have milk cows!! I would like to try milking a goat just to see how it compares.
    Did you ever look up the article in the Anchorage Daily News about the guy from Alaska who invented a reasonably priced goat milking machine?? Hum... no work on shy guy and all of a sudden a road trip - are we to read between the lines??!! Hurry up and post about your road trip!!!

  9. That's quite a variety of animals to watch over.

    Glad the road trip was nice.