Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm feeling hot hot hot!

And no, that's not hot, hot, hot like the song. I feel hot and sticky. We have been having high humidity for the past week or so. It seems like it rains at night or in the morning and then the sun comes out and then its icky sticky outside. Just a few days ago, when I went to outside, my glass steamed up. From going outside! That is just wrong on so many levels!

The cat's are doing better. No coughs or sneezes today. Harvey can walk a straight line and can now jump up and down from the couch and bed. I do notice that if he tries to run or turn fast his back legs go out from under him.

I made four pints of pickled beets today. That is not nearly enough. I want to have 12 pints or more.
I love me some pickled beets. I am not going to make pickles this year. I made seven quarts last year and I'm on my last quart. My pickles are good, just that it's a lot of work to make them and I like Farmers brand just as well. Some of the reason is that at the Farmers market they want six dollars for a bucket of small cukes. I would need to get three buckets to make enough.

I do plan on making spicy dilled green beans this year. I need to see if Kellie is going to have plenty of beans to share or do I need to get my own. Last year I went to Kellie's house and helped her make salsa and spicy dilled green beans. It was a lot of fun. If I believed in polygamy, I would want Kellie to be my sister wife.


  1. I thought today was perfect, but then I don't wear glasses that get steamy. I love July!!!

  2. icky, icky, hot and sticky. I kept getting hot today and it never got above 55 degrees (I think I'm having hot flashes! Either that or I'm having a fever) Glad to hear all the critters are doing ok.

  3. Gee Krissy - I had to put a light weight jacket on Sat. morning for awhile while being ring steward at a horse show Taylor went to in Trinidad. Then yesterday we had Church in the Wildwood (an outdoor facility on way to San Isabel) and we all had jackets on or bankets. Last several mornings have reminded me a Dutch Harbor with the low clouds milling around and so nice and cool - good snoozing weather if a person had the luxury to sleep in!! Today supposed to be back to normal - high 80's in Pueblo and in 90's tomorrow. Hummingbirds eating me out of house and home - now have 5 feeders up and filling them daily - did you know they eat mosquitoes??

  4. I think the wx has been just perfect Krissy. Maybe you should break out Abby's pool so you can cool off.

    I think we can do the bean on Wed. I'll let you know for sure tmw.

    Too funny ~ polygamy and sister wives? Sure, why not..