Saturday, July 24, 2010

Farmers Market.

It was slow today. The vendors on the left and right of me remarked on how slow it was for them. I did sell some soap but not like I did last week, but that's OK. Any soap sold is good.

Today was a good day to watch people. I noticed that there were lots of bra-less women that should have worn a bra. I'm sorry but it's hard not to watch when you see double K's coming at you! You almost feel obligated to shout a warning to bystanders that there is a clear and present danger in our midst.

The vendor to my right sells a olive salsa, it's very tasty. When you hear salsa, do you think that just maybe, there might be onions in it? And if you're allergic to onions that you would ask the person giving out samples if there might be onions in it? Not jump up and down going "oh! oh! oh! That's what one lady did today. I wanted to smack her for being stupid.

Here are some pictures of the family
This is Abby, she wants some of my cookie and she was so cute that she got a little bit.

Here are the sick cats on my side of the bed. Harvey, (Black cat) the one that's dizzy, is being a pest. He wants to be held and in my face.

One of my broody hens. She has the devil in her.

Here is Sage. She likes to jump on me and use me as a spring board to do a little flip. I smack her when I catch her doing this. Jumping on people will not be cute as she gets bigger. She did not get smacked this time as I was trying to take her picture.

Juju with the yellow collar and Maggie in front.
Maggie gave me a scare this afternoon. I was reading inside the house and then I wanted to read outside so I went to go get the girls. Juju and Sage got up and maa, maaed me as I came to the gate. Maggie was off laying in a corner and did NOT GET UP! I quick open the gate and run to her and touched her and called her name. She yawned, I went to grab her by her collar to make her get up but she just hopped up on her own, went and butted Sage, butted Juju, peed and pooped and went out the gate and started to eat. I think that she was just napping hard in the sunshine as it had been raining early and she was soaking up the warmth so she did not hear me. But I will still keep my eye on her just to make sure.


  1. You have a nice family Krissy. Those kitty cats rule!

  2. No Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme today?

    Thanks for the photo updates of your babes. Abby looks like she is loosing weight.. Are you feeding her enough?
    That hen looks like she took take your arm off if you got too close!

    Another dreary grey day in Anchorage. This truly is "the summer that never was". :(

  3. At least you sold some soap, right?

    Nice pictures of the "family".

    The cats feeling better?

  4. I think it's funny that she gets up and then just starts butting everybody else. She's the boss and has to make sure everybody remembers!

  5. That would have totally panicked me. I woke up this morning to Casey out grazing on the lawn and his gate wide open! Lucky for me that he's such a good boy and didn't go try to help the linesmen working across the street. He needs a companion. Then he won't do that stuff any more.

    I miss goats, but with the prices down here, still needing our own car and now Casey really needing an equine companion, goats are not in the near future. I miss the chickens too. But car first!