Friday, July 23, 2010

Price of love

The price of love for Harvey and Wilbur came to $131.00. A few days ago both cats started to sneeze and cough. I was going to call up the vets this morning and get meds for them. That was till Harvey came out from under the bench and was not able to walk without falling over. He was like a drunk sailor.

I took them both in. They have clear lungs, no temp and clear eyes. Other then Harvey's eyes are darting around cause he is dizzy. (Maybe Harvey needs to put a foot on the floor to keep the room from spinning?) The vet thinks that they have a upper respiratory thing going on, and that Harvey might have a inner ear infection. (Or he got hit on the head and has a concussion) We are going with the inner ear infection for now. Both are on antibiotics and Harvey also got some other shot.

When I got home tonight, Harvey is doing better. He is now walking like a tipsy sailor, no longer a drunk. He ate a little food and then I gave him his meds. He did not like that, so he tried to run from me. Is it wrong to laugh at your sick cat?


  1. Not wrong to laugh especially since you did the right thing and took them in to the vet!

    Hope they get to feeling better rel soon.

    How is Abby doing?

    Have fun with your singing friend tomorrow. :)

  2. I keep telling J. to become a vet. He'd make a fortune.

    Glad that they're doing better.

  3. That is some spendy love you got there :)

  4. Poor kitties! We had a bit of a kitty cold running around here after we got settled but it was probably from the stress of moving. Luckily, it just ran its course. Poor Harvey! I hope he gets better soon! That would be really worrisome!

  5. Sorry to hear about the kitties - vet bills can get expensive. Maybe you could get a part-time job there, then your pet care would be free. Worked for me for 5 years or so!

  6. Poor fellas. Hope they feel better soon. I didn't realize cats get colds too.