Thursday, July 22, 2010

Did it.

Just finished applying for a Pell Grant. It came back with that it looks like I qualify for a low interest loan and not a grant. I went to the school today and spoke with them. From what I gather, they will also get this information and the school will contact me (next week) and let me know what low interest loans I qualify for and then apply one of them.

Just so you all know, it rained and rained today. And I forgot to bring my new purple umbrella with me when I went to the school today. Also, I need knew shoes. The old one have holes, how do I know this? Cause my feet got soaked when I made the mad dash from the truck to the school building. But being that I am not made from spun sugar, I made it OK.


  1. Krissy, I love your background - why is it going away?

    Sorry about the shoes and forgetting your umbrella. I keep one in the car. Actually, right now I have two in the back of the car.

    Don't give up on the grants but good for you to apply for grants and loans.

    I saw a lady today that looked just like you! I enjoyed the thought you might be visiting!

  2. Hope a low interest loan comes your way. I thought with this president came a "get older women back to school" and there was lots of money for it. Why don't you qualify for any of that?! Not saying you're "older" or anything. Just not a spring chicken.

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