Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's that time.

I went and registered for fall classes. I am going to take eight credits this time. Last semester was six credits. I'm also officially enrolled in the Business Management course.

I made sure that I did not have any of the class/online combos. I really did not like that last year. The class that I had that had the combo, had so many students drop the class, that it did not work out so well. Also, I really don't have the self-discipline to do a online class.

What I'm taking this semester:

Mon/Tues/Thur from 8a to 8.55a Human Resources. (3 credits)
Mon/Wed/Thur from 9a to 9.55a Into to Business. (3 credits)
Thur from 10a to 11.55a Microsoft suite. (2 credits)

All the classes but one works with my part time job at the library. The one that does not work
is the class on Wed from 9am to 9.55a. Right now I work on Wed from 9.30a to 1pm. I used to have Wed off and then my boss started having me come in on Wed due to that we have a pre-school reading program in the winter from 10am to 1030am and then this summer we had the summer reading program for kids. But my boss was telling me that there might not be enough money in the village budget for me to keep working on Wed. So I went ahead and signed up for that class. We shall see.

I could have taken classes from 3p to 4p on Mon/Wed/Thur but then I would have to hang out in Eau Claire for six hours till the 3pm class started or drive back home, hang out at home, then drive all the way back to town for the 3pm class. That would be a lot of driving and using a lot of gas.

Now I got to see how much it will all cost (Books too) I don't want to get a loan and then be debt. I will see what kind of free money is out there or pay out of pocket (Ouch!) If I pay out of pocket I can split the payments up.


  1. Good for you Kristina!! I'm so glad you are going to continue going to school.

    Hope you find some grants to help pay for it.

  2. Yes, it's budget time again but don't worry, I should know late in the fall how many hours you can work for 2011.

    Doesn't it seem weird that I'm already working on the budget for 2011 and it's only July....geez.

  3. Yeah for Krissy! You go girl!!!

    I am sure there are grants for "non-traditional" students like you. I had a friend that got "Pell" grants for her education and it seems the grant included living expenses.

    I am so proud of what you are doing Krissy. It would have been so easy to just muddle thru life but you have taken many steps to expand your life.

    Blessings to you always.

  4. I've debated classes, but I'll probably wait for winter, and a car. Can't get anywhere without a car. Can't drive the rental, because the husband's company is paying for it and I'm not covered to drive it. Poo! I'm tired of rental cars!

  5. When I was going to a community college 3 years ago there were grants that the teachers where begging the students to get. Most didn't want to work at it, and a lot didn't get used. I am sure if you ask around you will find many that can help.

  6. Travis and Becky both get Pell grants. You have to fill out the government FAFSA form to apply for any grant at all. Get it done!