Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Today we are having storms coming through our neck of the woods. While at work the siren went off while the summer reading program was going on. Everybody kept doing their thing. The boss looked online to see what was up and it was just to let us know that sever weather was coming our way. It got really dark, had some good lighting, and then it down poured. I mean it rained hard.

My friend Kellie called up to let me know that in the area that I live that there was going to be hail and some really strong winds. On the way home, I took the back roads, there were lots of branches and some trees knocked over. All was well at my house, other then the soaking wet carpet in one room where I did not close the window enough when I left this morning for work.

I have been told that if you hear a train, you need to get to your safe place as that means that there is a tornado coming. Well, I have been hearing a loud noise for about 30 minutes during this last storm but it sounds more like a car going over the rumble strips that are on the side of the road. So I did not go to my basement.

update on the chicken front. Still only 10 chickens. Missing my big rooster and one hen.


  1. We had people coming into the library for shelter this afternoon when it got really bad. Water was pouring in the backdoor and the park looks like a pool.

  2. Crochet lady was right. We had a bunch of young ladies who live in the apartment across the street come to our building for shelter from the storm this afternoon...they were really scared.

    As I stood by the back door of our building, the rain was coming down so hard that the water came in under the door and pooled up around my feet. I ran and got the mop and stood there until the driving rain stopped. What a storm.

  3. I love those real rainstorms - not like what we get here; drizzle all day, all night, all summer. Sorry you lost a couple chickies. You may have to go get another rooster to keep the ladies happy. Perhaps a bigger one this time so you don't have to get him a stepladder.

  4. Yep! Some whopper storms for sure!!