Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Where did they go?

I have 12 chickens. Last night when I went to do a head count and close up the coop, I counted only 10 chickens. Hummmmmm? My new rooster, who gets picked on, will sometimes roost on top of the goat pen where I can't see him. But I was still missing one hen.

This morning, I had 11 chickens. The rooster was not up on the goat pen. He was tucked in a corner by the hay. I went to move him and low and behold, the ROOSTER is sitting on two eggs! I have seen this rooster make sweet sweet love (That's a joke! ) to some hens so I know that he's a rooster.

But still missing one hen. When I left for work, the confused rooster was laying in the weed bed (I never planted flowers) and was staring at the house from about six inches.

When I got home from work tonight I only had 3 chickens! I went and took care of the goats and called the hens (Here Chickie, Chickie, here Chickie chick) and five hens came running from the woods.

I tried counting again but it's hard to count chickens when they are moving about. I did a big walk around and did not see a pile of feathers, nor blood and guts. I will do a head count tonight and see what I end up with. The confused rooster has not been seen yet tonight.

But the cats sure have full looking tummies! (Not! I jokes)


  1. Ohhhh, that worries me Krissy. Weasels and fox love chickens. I hope you didn't loose them to the predators! Keep us posted.

  2. Hopefully they are just roosting out in the trees.

    You have one strange rooster to be sitting on eggs!

  3. Maybe roosters share the egg sitting duties with the hens...maybe he is just more enlightened this the rest of his kind! If your chickies are hanging out in the woods, I'm betting you have some well fed foxes and coyotes and all other sorts of critters.

  4. Are they roosting in the woods? Crazy chickens!