Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dump Run.

I don't want to hear it from anybody (TT) I'm not the best recycler. Up in Alaska, there is not any true recycling being done. It is cost prohibitive as all the recycle stuff has to be barged to the states and then sent somewhere. Shipping companies are not going to do that for free! (PakArt, correct me if I'm wrong or if things have changed) I said all that as I'm trying very hard to do it here in Wisconsin to reycle.

Out in the grage I have a bin for milk jugs and that type of plastic. A bin for glass, a bin for plastic soda/water bottles (I don't have many of them) a bin for steel cans (Tuna fish, veggies that come in cans) and soda cans. Oh, can't forget that stack for cardboard.

The other day went I went to flaten some cardboard I relized that that part of the garage was getting full so I decided to do a dump run.

I started placing the stuff in the back of the truck. I had a pile of feed sacks (Not good ones) so I scooped them up. As I did that I felt something break, then I smelt something! Some hen had laid eggs in that stack and I never found them till then! I was dry heaving and gagging. I got it all in and drove to the dump.

The helper guy came over to help and I told him to stay upwind, that there was some rotten eggs in the back, he didn't hear me and got closer and he started to gag! He walked away and I was laughing and gagging at the same time. He told me that in all the years of working at the dump that it was the worst smell that he had ever dealt with!

I got rotten egg juice in the back of the truck so I had to hose that out. Gagging the whole time.

Way back in high school. I remember doing a chemistry experiment and we got the smell of sulfur, sulfur is perfume compared to the smell of rotten eggs.


  1. Oh, that's funny! Rotten egg is sure enough, is one baaaaad smell.

  2. That's funny. Egg smell is not the best. Several years ago I had done some Ukrainian Easter eggs. I left them in a basket. The trick is that after a few years they are supposed to have dried up inside.

    They were all safe in the basket for at least 5 years. Then one day the basket fell! Needless to say the eggs hadn't dried up. It takes alot to gross me out or make me gag, but that did it! Imagine 4 eggs rotting for 5 years on a shelf.

    I never made any after!

    We had a dump run last week.We have to recycle like crazy in NS and it drives me nuts because I don't have the room for 5 large bins.

  3. You did a very good descriptive post tonight....I think I actually smell those rotten eggs! Darn hen

    Hummmm, I really needed you today as Andrew couldn't figure out how to do another Yahoo account. Seriously, he just can't figure it out.....geez.

  4. The shippers give reduced fair for backhaul wharfage....lots of products are shipped to AK but the containers go back to SEA empty. But they still charge, just very reduced rate and it's on a sliding scale. Some products actually are worth it like metal, but paper, plastic and cardboard isn't worth shipping out. Although we still do it. Sorry Kathy didn't make it. I feel very bad for her.

  5. Very funny Krissy! I've recently done the rottne egg gag with turkey eggs. Yuck!

  6. Oh yay! Remember that the people before us at Blackberry Hill left about a dozen and a half rotten eggs for us to deal with on the hottest days of last summer? I honestly thought the coop needed a serious cleaning and at that time, I had no intention of having chickens.

    I could smell those eggs 100' away! Yuck!

    You have my sympathies.

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