Saturday, August 7, 2010

This and that.

My sister and her family did not make it. She is going to try again next week. So it's back to sitting by the phone to see if she made the flight or not. Thanks to all those in Alaska at the old job that are helping my sister! I really appreciate it.

Now a rant.

Don't hate me okay? This is just my opinion.

Back in 2006 I read the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I remember that while reading the book I would say to myself, puhlease! or my eyes would roll with irritation. I can get and understand about being unhappy with choices that you have made (Gilbert was unhappy in her marriage) What I didn't get was taking a year to go find yourself.

Gilbert went to Italy, India and then Indonesia. Italy is where she ate, India is where she delved into Eastern religion and Indonesia is where she meet and fell in love with a man, and also continued her quest for spirituality.

Then a while later I saw her on the Oprah show. I didn't know that she was the guest. I sat and wondered why these woman in the audience were holding onto books and getting up, saying stuff like "This book is my new bible" or "This book has changed my life" When I found out who and what they were talking about, I was in shock! Did we read the same book?

I tried to the read the book again. But I could not. I found her (Gilbert) to be way too new age-ish for me, too self indulgent and a big whiner! She had enough money to not work for a year, buy tickets and rent houses and live in three countries. I think that she should have went to a India, and Indonesia, volunteered her time working in orphanages and with the poor. I think that would have helped her quest for spirituality.

I have ranted about all the above because that book has now been made into a movie (Go figure) staring Julia Roberts (Why Julia? Why?) I will probably go to the movie just so I can be all irritated again. Kind of like when you have a sore tooth and you keep poking at it with your tongue, you know it's going to hurt, but you keep on doing it.

Some may say that I did the same thing by moving from Alaska to Wisconsin. But it's not. I am not looking to find myself. I have never been lost. I no longer liked the person I was becoming. I was very unhappy but was good at faking it. I don't think that many people know how depressed and also how angry that I was getting. I knew I had to make a change. And that's what I did. I know that I'm no longer that angry person. I still may have a little depression, but I think that is more worry about did I do the right thing? When I start to think that, I remind myself that I'm not angry and that when people say "Good Morning" to me, that they really mean that, they aren't trying to butter me up to get something from me.

Being a happier person or having more money? I think that I will take the happy me, over the richer me.


  1. Never read the book. Didn't appeal to me at all and wont see the movie either.

    If you are happy Kris that is all that matters.

  2. Still haven't read the book either and probably won't go see that movie. I'm not a big fan of Julia Robert's big lips. I heard her on a talk show being interviewed about the movie and Gasp! She gained some weight, eating all that food for the movie! Gasp! Oh my, she must be 3 lbs more than she used to be. Oh My!

  3. Ditto on your opinion about volunteering her (author's) time to help the poor and suffering. She should be ashamed at herself for trying to "find" herself when people in India are starving and living off the streets. Oh wait, that's right, she didn't see that part of India.....just the upscale areas.

    You wanna get me mad? Just mention Oprah's name and watch my face turn red!

    Good rant Krissy.

  4. Oh Krissy.... My thoughts exactly when I read that book way back in the beginning when it was a hard back... but this lady did makes lotsa $$$$$$$$$ with the book and is still making the $$$$$$$$ .... so much for a spiritual finding of oneself. I just did not "get" the book at all and I did not watch the author on Oprah cuz of all the self indulgence the whole being on Oprah shows the world.... so yes, you and I could have a wonderful rant with this one, Krissy....PLUS, as an added attraction, I can go on very long rants about Oprah !!!!