Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oy Vey!

Wow! Did we get some rain last night! It poured buckets, it came down in sheets. At times there was not individual rain drops, just a gazillion streams of rain.

I forgot that I had all my windows rolled down in the truck during the storm. I had water in all the cup holders, the little side holders on the door (Where you would put maps and stuff) the seats are soaked. I sat on a towel on the way to church and my pants were wet in the ten minute drive there.

We need hot DRY weather to dry out the inside. I'm actually worried that I might get mold growing inside if it does not dry soon.

With all the rain last night it is very hot and humid today. My hair looks like I just took a shower and all I did was get up from a nap. (Yes Kellie, that is what I was doing, you know me so well!)


  1. Love it Kris! So, should I tell the kids you are coming tmw to get beans?

  2. Sunday afternoon naps are the best! Sorry to here aoubt the rain in the car. I can just imagine what it was like drivein to church!
    We have been having rain nearly everyday. Anchorage is now humid. :( not muggy because we haven't had enough sunshine but humid all the same. The rain on Wed was like your description - nearly an inch!

  3. rain rain go away, come again in a different part of the country. Sorry you were so dumb as to leave your windows down. bummer.

  4. I thought nap time was for children!

  5. Got a shop vac? You can suck up some of the water with it! And then maybe put the truck under cover, disconnect the battery and hook a fan up to blow through it with the doors open for a bit. At least, that's what I would try.

    It rains like that here in GA. I thought Oregon had rain, but man, I was wrong!

  6. I am sick of hot and humid. I'm ready for fall....bring on the cool weather.