Monday, August 9, 2010

Farm Update.

This is what happens when you don't shut the front door.
Visitors that may poop and pee on your floor. These two did NOT
do that. They were good guest.
Henny Penny out with her babies.

Showing them how to scratch and eat.

Teaching them how to get in and out of the hen house.
I ended up putting a 2x4 on the ground next to the wall as one of the chicks
could not jump up. I had been picking it up to go in and out. I also put
a 2x4 inside. That was all the little guy needed.
No word yet on the blood test for Juju. It will be a few more days. No real change in her.
I wish I had a scale that I could put her on to see if she is gaining or losing weight.


  1. Love your photo's! Glad to see that Henny Penny and her brood are doing well. And your visiting goats are preety darn cute!

    You are a good mama to all your animals.


  2. Cute pictures Kris. Glad the goats didn't poop in the house!

  3. Ohhhh, all your kids are so cute. I think your family is growing with little ones.

  4. What's next, the three little pigs? You've got dog, cats, chickens, goats, I think you need more.

  5. Very cute! I am missing my critters now, including Joe the Roo.