Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Juju update

One of the three blood test came back. It came back negative. This was the test for CAEV. Which stands for Caprine Arthritis-Encephalitis virus. Still waiting for two more test results to come back.

No change in Juju. She does seem to be eating better, but then sometimes she shows no interest in food after a few bites. She always like to eat fresh browse. But I think that she (all of us) is getting tired of the high heat and humidity. We all want to just sit still and not move.

I got the results via the mail so tomorrow I will call up the vet and talk to him about Juju, maybe I should do a Nurti Drench on her? Maybe that would pick up her appetite?

I sill have not seen her poop! Pee, yes, poop no! I think she knows that I'm watching her and is being "shy" on purpose!

Also, looks like my sister will be here tomorrow morning! Flights are looking good right now. She ended up going to Fairbanks to get a flight to the Twin Cities. Those flight have more seats available.
If I don't hear from her by 2am (My time) I will pick her up at 6.15am at the airport.

I better go put the critters to bed, we are starting to have some big boom booms and lighting, gonna rain soon.


  1. I'm excited for you and your sister. Can't wait to meet Kathy, and her family!

  2. Hope Kathy makes it. And wow those were some seious storms last night!!

  3. I hope Kathy made it in okay! She deserves to get out of AK for awhile - she hates it worse than me!

  4. I hope Juju improves. It was nice to meet your family today.

  5. I hope Juju gets better. It's so stressful when your animals are sick. I'm constantly looking at the goats' poop. It's worse than having kids.