Thursday, August 12, 2010

Juju update

It's not good news. I just got off the phone with the Vet. The blood test came back positive for Johnes. There is no cure. What happens is that there is a bacteria in gut and the goat is unable to get nutrients from the food. It also cause the appetite to diminish. Long story short, they starve to death.

The vet did tell me that the goat lady has had a positive case of Johnes with her herd, and that Juju came to me with it and with the stress of pregnancy, the bacteria was able to thrive and grow.

I made arrangements to have Juju put down on Monday. The vet will come and do that and then also take her away. I could bury her here on my land but I don't think that I can dig a hole big enough nor deep enough.

I will also now test Maggie to see if she has it. This will be a stool test. They will grow it out and also do a DNA bacteria test. If she comes back positive then I will have to put her down. If it comes back negative then I will re-test her next year. And not breed her.

The three kids. They are too young to test at this time. The bacteria needs time to do it's thing. Good news, they can't "shed" the bacteria until they at at 11 months of age. I will get the two back from my friend Kellie and come spring I will test them to see if they have it. The one kid, Basil (Root beer is his new name) and Sage have 25% chance of having caught it in utero.

The other option is to put all of them down (Maggie and the kids) without testing and let the land sit for one year as it takes that long for the bacteria to go through it's cycle.

Right now I'm very sad and discouraged. I know it's not this way but I feel that I am having really bad luck with animals. I had to put my cat down a few months ago and now my goat. And maybe more of my goats.


  1. Oh man Krissy! I'm soo sorry!!

  2. Oh, Krissy, that is terrible. I have not hear of that. Poor Juju.

  3. Bummer Krissy. Thats sad. But, thats the best thing for her. Keep your chin up!!

  4. Dang animals that we get so attached to and love so much...

  5. Sorry to hear about JuJu. I thought you had tested all the critters so that's why I didn't think of Johnes.

    When you gets goats next be sure you ask for test results before you purchase them. We've had one person up here who just refuses to test her goats for anything and it has given the goat community a rough summer. Several people bought goats from this person and didn't quarrantine before adding to their herd. Now several dairys are suspect. Lots of drama in our goat community.

    Good luck with your goats.

  6. I'm so sorry! I'm feeling the same way - just bad luck with animals. Panda had seizure yesterday and today so doesn't appear meds are working or needs another stronger dose. We've already upped it once. Did Kathy make it?

  7. Oh no!!My heart goes out to you. I can't even imagine what I'd do if that happened to my goats. I know a lady 30 minutes from here that had to put her goat down this summer because of it.

    It's really for the best for her. But for you it must be horrible.


  8. I'm so sorry to hear this Krissy, I am sure it is quite awful for you.



  9. Sorry about the bad news Krissy. I sure hope you don't have to put them all down. Hang in there.

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  11. Oh Krissy! I am so sorry and sad for you!!! *tears*

  12. I am so, so sorry Aunt Krissy! It's agonizing to watch them dwindle and suffer and just as hard to make the hard decision when you love them (ie, Moon).

    Go with love, JuJu! Go keep my little Moonling company at the Rainbow Bridge!

  13. Krissy I am so sorry.

    The Thursday Night Sisters met for dinner at Lisa's tonight because Debbie Jacklin Coberly is up for a visit. Your ears must have been burning because we talked about what you are up to and how much we miss you.