Friday, August 20, 2010

For more then 24 hours!

My twin sister e-mailed me. She has vacation time and she will come and visit me if I can get her to Wisconsin! Can I get her here? You bet! I have miles on Alaska Airlines just burning a hole in my pocket.

I called her up and asked her window seat or aisle? I got her booked. She will be here Oct 17 and will go back Oct 24. For fun, she is going to paint my bedroom. My twin is crazy that way. She loves to paint and re-do rooms. I told her that she could pick the colors and maybe even buy matching bed stuff so that it goes together. I think that I'm going to try and put in a ceiling fan in the bedroom while she is hear.

And to top of the deal, she can go shopping while I'm in school. Yep, she likes to shop, I hate to shop, this way I wont be holding her back with my whining. I will only be in class a few hours each morning so it will all work out.

I might have her bring me five boxes of pilot bread and also a two pound block of extra sharp white cheddar cheese that so far, I have only found in Alaska. I have tried other extra sharp white cheddar cheese and it's not what I'm looking for. Not sharp enough.

I think that it's the least that she can do as I bought the ticket right?


  1. Yippee! Can't wait for her to come. What color are you thinking? Still green'ish?

  2. Very nice. Now I'll get to meet YOUR twin and hopefully you can meet MY twin next weekend!

  3. I am so happy for you Krissy - a family visitor that stays more than 24 hours!! Yeah for Alicia!!! And Patty and BIL of course. :))

  4. We talked about you today! Alicia is very excited to come see you and she totally plans on picking out your new bedding and paint color so that it will all look good. ha ha ha

  5. Hey Patty - does Alicia hire out?

  6. hey Krissy...I fanatasized about bringing you a ceaser salad from Bears Tooth and your room looks great!! (in my mind, after I'm done with it!) It'll be fun to see Kellie and her family...think she'll have us over one night for those most delishious burritos that she makes? hint. hint. ... Kellie ;). And I'll get to meet alll your other friends. I. cant. wait.

    And Janice.... I don't really hire out but can usually be talked into stuff..

  7. yeah!! I'm glad Alecia gets to stay long enough to make it worth it!! and I'm sure your room will be beautiful. Your favorit color is purple, right?? :-)