Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Confession.

The truck that I had before this truck was a Dodge Dakota Sport. It had the extended cab. The back sliding window had been busted out twice. Once by my dog and the other time by, um, me.

When Abby was young, she thought that all moose where evil and it was her job to make them go away. I had the sliding window opened a few inches. Abby was barking at a moose and jumped from the front seat and tried to go out that window! Busted the window right out. I had to explain that one to the the car insurance company.

The second time I was loading my four wheeler (ATV) in to the back of my truck. I had only loaded it a few times and never by myself. I was up at the cabin property in the parking lot. There were other people in the parking lot loading up their stuff. I got out the ramp, hooked it up to the truck, made sure that I had a tie strap making the ramp secure to the truck. Put the spare tire up on end so that it would be a buffer between the four wheeler and back window.

It's a steep ramp so you have to give it plenty of gas, so I did, I got up in the back of the truck and hit the tire, (the tire had slipped down a bit) and bam! I had pushed the tire into the window. The back seat was full of safety glass. It was loud enough that people stopped to look at me, I acted all nonchalantly as they could not "see" what I had done, they just heard a noise.

I turned off the four wheeler, and pulled it back a bit, pulled the tire out of the window. Cleaned up the glass and went back to town and again explained to the car insurance company how I had broken the back window, again.


  1. Good Abby for getting rid of the evil moose!
    I would love to have heard those explanations.. :))

  2. Just admit it, you're a klutz! I still like the time you fell off the porch into the water bucket....good times.

  3. Funny! And just what did the insurance company do to your premiums?

  4. One time I was hauling firewood with my dad and he didnt put the board up across the back window. I had just said "dont hit the window" and the next log he threw it hit the window! I'm glad it wasnt me!!

  5. Both Freya and our old Aussie Shayla thought that moose were of the devil when we lived in Alaska. Many times I'd wake up to them barking, "My Gawd Mom! There are baby moose in the yard! They're going to come in the house and eat you!"

    A few quieting pats would settle them back down. I always appreciated they had my back, even if it was just over baby moose.