Monday, August 23, 2010

This and that.

It was a good day today, until I got home. Now I'm crankier then all get out! It's hot and humid. The one very annoying cat is meowing and wont stop. There is kitty food in his dish, but he wants "Grilling beans" which I know he doesn't really want that, it's all about the can opener.

The mosquitoes are thick tonight and I'm getting a little tired of smacking myself. They are vicious little buggers. They are so bad that I had to close the back door, which I had open trying to cool the house down but that is letting the little RB's in.

Tomorrow is going to be a good day. I got a phone call last week. The VP of the company that I used to work for (Who is now retired and lives in CA) called me up. He and his wife are in WI visiting her side of the family and they are only about one hour away from me. They are heading to MN on Tuesday and will stop by and we are going to have lunch. I have not seen them since my going away party at the old job. It will be fun.

And then, the most fun part of tomorrow? I get to give blood, again.


  1. Tomorrow will be a fun day for you. Take a long lunch break!

  2. Guess they are not staying 24 hours huh?

    Have a good time, I am sure it will be wonderful to reconnect.
    Do you have a place where you can buy a screen door? or window screens? Or a mosquito zapper?

  3. You may not have enough blood seeing as how the little RB's are getting most of it!

    Where are you guys gonna do lunch?

  4. The skeeters are bad at our place too. Have fun with RH wish I could go.

  5. Is it Dick Harding that is coming thru?? He lives in Calif. now?? Never thought he would leave AK. Where are his kids?? Am with Alicia - sure you have enuf blood left to donate? Has West Nile been a problem in your area??

  6. have fun with old friends! I didn't know you gave blood, or are you just giving it to your blood thirsty friends, the mosquitos?

  7. hope you had a fun lunch. They sure seem to like living in Callifornia. I didnt think they would ever leave Alaska either. I saw them last year at Uncle Norms funeral.


  8. Like Janice says, screen doors and least on the doors so you can get a nice breeze going. It was 69 here the other day; we almost died of heat stroke!