Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mostly a good day.

My friends from from the old job showed up and took me out to lunch. It was real nice. We didn't really talk old job shop talk. More of what it was like living elsewhere then Alaska. They have moved to CA so they also are adjusting to life here in the lower 48 like I am.

The reason I say that it was mostly a good day is because I gave blood after work. I have veins that roll. I tell them that they roll and I wonder if that makes then nervous and that it might make the "stick" worse. This time I kept my mouth shut, and said nothing about my rolling veins. The guy gave me a good poke and then he went "huh?" And started fishing for my vein. Yep it rolled, after about 15 seconds he finely got the needle in, but I think that he hit a verve because the whole time the needle was in I had a sharp/dull pain in my elbow. When he took the needle out the pain was gone.

I then went to the cookie station and juice table and had some. One of the local food volunteers brought a spam spread to put on crackers. I like spam (I'm not ashamed to say it) but it is wrong on so may levels to put diced carrots in it. WRONG I tell you!


  1. Oh my, carrots? That's really disgusting. Did you spit it up???

  2. Yuck! Spam, but spam with carrots?!
    What kind of nastyness is that?

  3. pickles go with spam. You can't dress it up with carrots. That just ain't right! I would think the blood bank would be deathly afraid of home-brought goodies....colds, disease, salmonella, etc.