Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Yard work

My lawn needed mowing real bad. It should have been mowed last week but when I had time to do it, it was too wet. I think that if I had a baler or some kind of farm equipment I could maybe get a big bale of hay! I have lots and lots of grass laying in clumps all over the yard.

I sure have changed. The first year I would go around little froggy's that were in my way while mowing, and would feel bad if I mowed one over. Last year, I just felt bad and mowed them. This year? Stupid frogs! Get the heck out of the way! Hop, hop, hop like your little green life depends on it. Cause big mama is dropping the deck on you.

My garden that I did not plant this year? Has weeds, mutant weeds. Can I just till them under or do I need to pull them out before winter? I'm going to put one more layer of cow poop on it.

I need to build a little cage/box type thing to keep the goats out of the clean dry hay so I got some pallets. I will build something so that the hay is more contained and that I don't end up with so must waste and this way air can circulate and the hay will not mold.

Well, that's about it. I am slapping mosquitoes like crazy. Time to watch a movie.


  1. What's with the skeeters, seemed like they just appeared.

  2. Does this mean your a frog killer? I love those little things!

  3. you heartless frog killer. Sounds like your green thumb desire to grow lots of goodies to can has taken a dive. I think you have to get the weeds out or they will continue to grow in your garden when you finally do get around to planting it.

  4. What I think you should do is layer old newspaper over your garden area then layer your grass clippings over that so the paper does not blow away. oh yeah, good idea to wet the paper. this should cook your weeds and weed seeds. What ever you do - DO NOT TILL YOUR SOIL - that just brings weed seeds to the surface and kills the good microbes. Check the gardening section of the local library. You do have one nearby don't you? Smile smile!!

    I am sending you "Teaming With Microbes" by Jeff Lowenfels. Has good information.

    My cats used to bring live frogs into the house and then let them go so they can catch them again!


  5. Janice has some good ideas about the garden.

    What movie did you watch?

  6. that is a good suggestion for the weeds. I sometimes layer newspaper between my rows in the summer and put grass over it. seems to help.

    poor froggys.. now if only you could get some of the crickets.. it wouldnt be so noisy! :-)