Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I will try and get a picture to show you what I'm talking about. I am worried about my goat Juju. She is the one that had the two babies, she nursed one and I fed the other one. What I'm worried about is that I feel that she is to skinny. She eats her grain, but she does not eat it like Maggie does (Maggie scarfs her grain) and after about three minutes or so she stops eating grain. She eats lots of browse and hay. I have free choice alfalfa hay and also sweet grass hay available at all times.

I am trying to catch her in the act so I can take a stool sample in to see if she is loaded with worms. The grain that I feed them is a mix that the goat lady gave the feed store. It has minerals and all that stuff that goats need. But I wonder if I need to give the minerals as a free choice also? The minerals I'm talking about is mostly copper.

Juju did have a very dry coat but I noticed that it is going away. The baby still nurses, not a lot, but I do catch her doing it. When she tries, Juju will let her feed for about 10 seconds and then pulls away.
Some of my worry might be that Juju was a chubby goat when I got her and I'm not used to her being thin. The goat lady said that the girls would drop weight if the kids nursed. Maggie did not feed her babies, and she is now plump, where she used to be thin.

I will wait and see what the poop report is before I make any changes.

Oh, it's not like she dropped weight fast. Just that after she had the kids she was then thin and has stayed thin. I wonder if the heat that we have been having is causing her some stress? They have plenty of cool fresh water to drink.


  1. These are my suggestions:
    De-worm on a monthly basis. I use a Manna Pro dewormer that works well.

    Put sea kelp, baking soda and minerals in separate containers free choice. Purina makes a good goat mineral supplement.

    Give Bo-Se and CD&T injections if you haven't already.

    Feed Equine Senior instead of the goat mix. Check the protein levels.

    Other than that sounds like you are doing everything right.

    PS-you posted again before I got my comment done. Check the milk withdrawal time for the antibiotics.

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