Monday, August 2, 2010

This and That

So far the little chicks are still alive. I moved them from the nest box that was up high to the cat carrier that I set on the ground. The mama hen has abandoned the last three eggs in the nest and now has made a nest on the floor of the chicken coop. She has had the chicks out eating and drinking and I watched the other hens and the one rooster come in and out of the coop. They pay no attention to the babies. (So far)

One of the Cochin hens stopped being broody and has abandoned her nest that she is sharing with the other Cochin hen and had moved back into the coop. I removed the last egg in the nest. The egg was very light, no nothing in it.

I am still trying to think of a way to remove the mama hen and her babies to make sure that they stay safe. I have a kiddy swimming pool that I could put them in, and leave that in the garage. But then they would be exposed to the cats, and to Abby, and to whatever creatures can get into the garage at night. I have some fencing that maybe I could put around the pool, but still they would not have as much protection as they have in the coop.

I got off the phone with my sister that's coming down. If all goes well, I will pick her up (and her family) at 7am Wednesday morning. They plan on leaving Thursday. That's one thing about my family, we sure don't wear out our welcome as we don't stay long!


  1. Chicks are adorable! More pic's please.. :))

  2. You'll have to talk really, really fast!!!

  3. You can pick up some portable fencing gates at Fleet Farm, that might do the trick for mom and chicks?

  4. krissy. you are going to need a bigger vehicle one day!
    enjoy your visit.

  5. Hope Kathy makes it out on the flight tonight as planned. I'm heading over to mom's to see U. Chuck and grandkids. Wish you were here, but glad you get to see Kathy tomorrow. I hope. I don't think she knows how full the flights get!