Sunday, August 1, 2010

Look look look look!

This afternoon when I went to collect the eggs I heard the one broody hen clucking differently. I went into the coop to see what was up. LOOK! Four baby chicks! I think that there might be some more under her but not sure. Do you see the little dark one in the back, on the right hand side?
Are they not just the cutest little things?

I am worried about what the mama will do. The nest box is about four feet off the ground. What if a chick falls out? How is she going to show them how to drink and eat if she can't get them in and out of the nest box? I don't know. This is the very first time that I have ever had chickens, much less a chicken that laid eggs and hatched them.


  1. Farmer Tim said to put the chicks in a box on the ground and she'll join them....he thinks. They are very cute! And ready to eat in about 2 months?

  2. I was thinking that also, but I think that I will use the cat carrier box, just take the gate off. It will make it harder for the other chickens to get into with mama hen blocking the way. I read that sometimes the other chickens might try and peck/eat the little chicks

  3. How cool Krissy!! Your rooster must not have been shooting blanks after all! Now I wonder if it was the dead one or the little guy who is the daddy?

  4. My friend Joan has little chicks right now and she told me that her rooster tried to kill one of the chicks, so you should probably keep then separated.

    Oh, they are soooooo cute. No road trip today?

  5. Hi Krissy, You need to move mum and chicks to a container by themselves until they a little older, just pick her up first otherwise she will peck you.Just defending her babies. The other chooks will hurt the little ones at this stage. You will need to get some starter crumble and a very shallow dish of water so they don't drown. Keep they seperated for a good while 3 months you can introduce them back with the others but they will still want mum to protect them. They are so cute!!!

  6. What cute little chicks! I hope they survive and thrive!

    Lisa and I took a road trip to Seward yesterday. I needed to "get outta Dodge". Seward was great - no rain and a couple good finds.

    I hope Kathy stops for a visit.