Saturday, July 31, 2010

Farmers Market

It was a good day at the market. I sold 18 bars of soap. It did seem to be a little slower the normal, maybe because it was raining this early morning and was very cloudy and high humidity.

When I got up this morning to take care of the girls I looked at the weather for my area. 94% humidity, now I know why I am growing gills behind my ears! It also explains why my hand railings of the front steps have a green mold growing.

It's almost 10pm right now and just so you know, the frogs are very loud right now. Or maybe they are toads? Not really sure. But I see them at night on the sidewalk so that's how I know it's frogs/toads and not crickets.

My sister Kathy, her husband, and kid are supposed to be coming down to see me next week. I am getting a little excited but I am holding back as this sister has made plans many times to come, and has not done it yet. When I get the call that they are on the non stop flight from Anchorage to Minneapolis then I will believe that they are on the way! They will only be staying a few days. My BIL is from the Virgin Islands and they are going there to visit his kids and folks. It will be nice to see them as it's been two years.

I think that tomorrow I will clean out the truck ( I have spilled dried beet pulp in the back seats) and then go for a Sunday drive. I have not taken a road trip for a long time and I feel the urge to put some miles on. Not sure if I will go South, North East or West.


  1. Oh heck, go North!

    I had fun seeing you today at the market.

    Now I feel especially sorry for you since I found out who the singing woman is!!!!!

  2. As far as I know, the trip by Kathy and Company is still on. Uncle Chuck is going to be her Tues so am looking forward to seeing him. Jenny's in town and I'll probably see her tomorrow. Miss you!

  3. Does not matter which way you go as long you enjoy the day out. Have a good one!

  4. What you don't want to do some beans today? Thats ok, I don't either. Have fun on your road trip.