Friday, July 30, 2010

Do you?

Do you ever want to kick your cat cause it weaves it way around your legs and trips you while you're trying to put food in its dish?

Do you sometimes pull over and take care of the fly that won't get out of your car and it's driving you nuts?

Do you sometimes drink two full glasses of milk and then feel like you might puke?

Do you sometimes call someone a sphincter orifice because they tailgate you (and you're are going
5 mph over the limit) and then they pull around and get in front of you and then slow down so that they can take a left turn and now you have to wait for them to turn?

Not that I have ever done any of that! Just wondering.


  1. Yes by the way, I have kicked the cat.

    I just open all the window in the car and hope the fly will escape.

    I've been know to say a few bad words while one is perfect!

  2. Yes, I do all that and more!

  3. Do you ever yell at your dog cause it keeps whining? Do you ever go downstairs for a soda at work cuz your co-workers are incompetent idiots and if you hear one more word you're going to lose it?

    No? Me neither.

  4. Yes, yes and yes! I will not tell a lie. I have done all those things and more!