Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I got these jars just the other day. I love getting free canning jars.
They need to be cleaned up a bit and I will need to get some rims and lids.
Also you see the two blue one? Nice huh? I will use those to put pretties in.
Too pretty for canning.

I got these in the mail the other day. I collect cookbooks so I was excited to see the AK
Signaleers one. The other three are about gardening, which should be helpful to me this fall when I get my garden ready for winter and then come next spring? Watch out! Veggies will be coming out my ears.

And another set of free jars. If you don't can, you probably don't understand what a
great thing it is to get free jars! I gave all the quart size jars to my friend Kellie and I will keep the pints and 1/2 pint jars. The quarts are too large for one person. Pint amounts are just right.


  1. How exciting to get both canning jars and cookbooks.

    You would love all the Amish farms in this area. Their vegetables are beautiful, nothing like what you see at the Menomonie FM.

    Love those blue canning jars...I'm sure they are old.

  2. I love getting jars. I know where you're coming from. No not crazy.

  3. Lots of good stuff. Where did the cookbooks come from?

    I'll be using those jars this weekend to do more salsa..

    I've heard the blue ones are antiques, but don't know that for certin.

  4. I love canning jars also! And I also agree quarts are just too much for one person...

  5. quart size are too big for just one person unless you were canning some home-made hot fudge sauce...then it'd be just about right....

    so have you thought of all the stuff I should bring to you when I come visit? sharp cheese and something else.

  6. Oh! Free canning can't imagine what I pay for jars in Unalaska, so free is wonderful!! Gosh, Krissy - Wendy and I both love reading cookbooks. Everybody thinks we are weird. Are you our long lost sister?

  7. @ Alicia, you need to bring 5 boxes of pilot bread. Some sharp chedder cheese (I will let you know what one I want) and 5 bottles of Tiger Sauce.

    @ Unalaska, yes, I could be your long lost sister, I read cookbooks like a book, I like smoked and dryed fish.

  8. Dilly beans. That's what I vote for. A friend gave me some ones and they were delicious. Are you thinking about canning any chickens? Just curious.

  9. Krissy.. I'm thinking about getting the Lasagne Gardening book. Let me know if you think its worth it.. I just heard about lasagne gardening last week.. interesting concept, but I think I'll try my own version of it!!


  10. So happy you can use the jars, you did me a favor by taking them off my hands.

    Those cookbooks look fun.

  11. Hope you enjoy the books. I love jars even though I dont can. The make great storage because yu can see what's inside and critters can't get inside.