Friday, September 10, 2010

Hard day,last day.

Not a hard day at work. Just that today is/was the day to put down Maggie and Sage. The hard part started last night.

It was the last time that I will come home in the dark to them and hear them calling for me letting me know that it's been hours, over 1000 hours since they have been feed last, and hurry up woman, give us grain NOW!

This morning, while I was in the kitchen getting my lunch ready, they were calling me. The morning call is different as they can tell I'm in the house. It's more of a "hurry up grain lady with the bad morning hair and feed us, it's been 10 hours since we had grain, we are starving!"

While milking Maggie this morning I started crying. I felt like such a traitor, here I am milking her, giving her treats knowing that she doesn't have much longer. Maggie was the first goat that I ever really milked, and it was Maggie's first time to be milked. We both learned a lot. It went from dreading to milking her to laying my head against her flank and listening to her while milking. I would try and warm my hand up as she did not like icy cold hands on her teats. Not that I can blame her!

Even though I know it's the right thing to do, it doesn't make it any easier.


  1. I feel bad for you Krissy. It's hard putting your babies down. It's good to cry too, hey where you live you can cry all you want and no one will hear you!!!! Go ahead add a few bad words in there too. Tomorrow will be a new day and a new start.

    Hummmm, never suffer alone. Maybe it's time to know....over for a special meal. Just saying!!!

  2. Tough, but the right thing. Now I have to stop crying at work. xoxo

  3. I'm sorry Krissy. I hope I distracted you a little today with my chatter.

  4. Oh, I'm crying with you. As I've said before, I just cannot imagine having to do what you've had to do.

    Prayers and courage for you.

  5. I knew the "right" thing to do with Panda also, but I cried for a couple weeks leading up to it and still cry when I miss her now, which is fairly often. Even though she was a clingy dog and licked a lot.

  6. I'm so sorry, Aunt Krissy. It seems to be a bad weekend for beloved pets. My best friend lost her dog in the wee hours. Much like Freya, she was an old girl. And she passed in about the same manner. It's been a teary weekend as I have cried for her Ireland, your Sage and Maggie and Juju too and again for Freya.


  7. A day for hugs and tears, and remembering all the special moments with your goats. Krissy your babies are better off before they get so sick, you did the right thing by them.
    Be thinking of you today.