Sunday, September 12, 2010


It's been a quite week for me with all the stuff that's been going on. I'm in a quite mood I guess.

I did real well at the Farmers Market on Saturday. That made me feel better. But there was the normal question about if I had goats? Did I milk my own goats? It's hard to answer that question. Do you tell the whole story? Or just say no? I found that I would say, " I used to have goats but not right now, I got my goat milk from a friend that has lots of them" and just leave it at that.

I'm also feeling very negative about school right now. I don't mind going to the class, it's the homework and the testing. Not that I have had much of either, just that I'm not in the swing of school right now. Maybe I will get more excited later on. I hope, cause right now? Being a "C" student sounds Okay! I was 3.9 last year and not sure that I want to do the work to keep that or get a 4.0. I know that really I'm just in the poor pity mood and I will be all sunshine and puppies and unicorns and pixie dust soon. Oh, can't forget kittens!

Well, I just did four hours of homework and studied for a test. Good Night.


  1. I'd tell them that I had goats, but they passed away. If they want more info they'll ask, if they don't that's fine to.

    How long do you have to wait before getting some more goats now. Are you going to stick with Nubians or go a different route?

  2. It was soooooo great to talk to you yesterday - makes me wanna hope on a plane and go see you!!!
    And I just LOVE the hen & chicks picture on you site!!! Hang in there with school--too bad you aren't here so you & Taylor could study together!!

  3. I've been feeling bummed too, but the change in the weather is helping. School is hard when you are an alternative (older) student. I'm sure much of it seems useless.

  4. I think your answer is a wonderful one about the goats! I think that is pretty much what I would say...

    Ya know Krissy, you have to grieve - it is a normal human response - and a healthy one at that!

  5. School is hard. I think you have a lot of courage to go back to school, but only you can decide if it's what you really want to do.

  6. Cut yourself some slack. You just had a huge loss and no matter how Alaska-tough you want to be, you do need time to grieve, which is a process in it's own.

    I think you said the right thing when asked about having goats at the farmer's market. Getting into it any more could leave people squeamish to buy your soap and you want repeat customers. Less is more in this case. The less you say, the more sales you'll have!

  7. Hang in there Krissy. The temps are getting cooler, just your kind of weather.

    Aren't you do for another road trip soon? That should be fun.