Monday, September 13, 2010


So, last night at about 12.30am I woke up as there was a very loud noise in my back yard and my room was all lit up with bright lights! UFO's! I knew it! They have come to gain all the knowledge in my brain. Noop, not a UFO, just Farmer Brown doing things to his crops in the middle of the night.

Farmer Brown came by three times last night but the odd thing? This morning I went to the field at the back of my house. There is no evidence that anything was done to the corn crop. Nothing is bent over. Nothing has been removed.

Maybe it really was UFO's!

(Maybe I have a implant now!)


  1. Take me to your leader. I can't imagine what the aliens would find in your brain worth stealing for the rest of the to make goat's milk soap? How to make a great rum cake? Maybe Farmer Brown just fertilized or watered or was out on a drunken binge?

  2. Or that FABULOUS chocolate cake that has been know to win "Best of" contests!

    Have you thought about ASKING Farmer Brown what is going on?

    OR you could contect the UFO groups and let them know that Wisconsin may be the new Roswell??????

  3. I think you got probed and don't realize it! Put Abby on guard tonight and see what happens!

  4. I'm not sure the brain of any Alaskan would do any alien race any good. Their technology surpasses ours, so they don't need to know how to snowshoe or live in cold climates or how to deal with moose or bears or even drive on ice! Their need for fossil fuels would be obsolete, so no info on drilling or oil needed. Maybe how to fish and prepare it?

    My vote is for drunken field driving by Farmer Brown.