Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My Mom cracks me up! I was talking with her on the phone the other day. I was telling her about how I had a coyote come on to my yard and chase my chickens and now I'm missing four of my youngest chickens.

I told mom that I was thinking about peeing on the edge of my land to mark my territory. Then I said, "Better then that, I will just pee on my chickens, that will mark them and tell that coyote not to mess with them." Mom said "Better pee in a cup and sprinkle it on them, if you try and pee on a chicken, you're just going to get your socks wet!"

Then we both started to giggle, as we imagined trying to hold a flapping, squawking chicken and peeing on it! But I think that it might work. I will let you know if I give it a try!

Here's a picture of my new and old chickens. I now have 13 hens and two roosters.


  1. Ohhhhh, their so pretty. I really like that light buff colored chicken. Love her legs. You can tell she's on the move!!!!

    Glad you and your mom had a good giggle.

  2. LMAO! Your mom cracks me up too! I wanted to get the cougar hiss thing when we were in Oregon, but apparently they quit making it because it was in such high demand he couldn't keep up with orders!

    I miss having chickens. *sigh*

  3. Your Mother is so funny!

    Good looking flock you have there. Now if the coyotes will just leave them alone you'll be in good shape.

  4. Now that's funny! I might have to try that. tee hee

  5. Only you would think of peeing on chickens. And isn't mom practical? I like all your chickies, glad you are getting new critters.