Monday, September 20, 2010

About the trees

The trees that I had cut down the other day? They have been dead for a long time, and are pretty punky. (Rotten) They can't be used for any structure. I plan on using the better logs to hold down the tarp that I will put over the garden (After I weed it) All the other stuff will get burnt. My twin sister is coming down in late October, maybe we will have a bon fire while she's here.

Now about the coyote that got my four chickens. My dobie is is closer to 14 then 13 and she is getting deaf and I am now noticing that her eye sight is not as sharp as it used to be. When the coyote came on to the yard chasing my chickens, Abby was wrapped up in a blanket on the couch. Even when I went to the door, and made a commotion, Abby stayed sleeping. Abby no longer chases the wild bunnies that I have hanging around. Pretty much all Abby does now is dig up gopher holes and barks at them. The holes, not the gophers as they are long gone but Abby doesn't know that. She barks,barks, barks, barks, barks at the hole. I'm sure that she is asking, very nicely, for them to come out and play.

And, I got a brown paper wrapped box in the mail the other day from my friend Rose up in AK. It looked like it might be a box of PILOT BREAD! And guess what? It WAS! I'm so happy that I can eat cheese and crackers and tuna fish and crackers again, but wait, there's more! There were also two bars of Ghirardelli Dark (60%) Chocolate bars. Yummy! I love me some dark chocolate. That's what I'm having for lunch.

Speaking of lunch. I'm roasting some chicken right now. I think, maybe that I might have used to much garlic (Gasp!) I minced up four cloves of garlic, two sprigs of rosemary and zested and then juiced one lemon and rubbed that on and in the chicken. The house smells like garlic. It will be Okay, I wasn't planing on kissing any boys, (Rats!) just Abby and the cats and they don't mind being knocked over by my breath as long as there is petting involved.


  1. Abby is now offically a senior! Sleeping is her first priority. Too bad she missed a good yard invader. Poor chicks.

  2. yay Rose! I don't have to waste my carry on luggage space with yucky pilot bread!!

    I wonder if your chickens recognize the smell of roasting chicken? Maybe with all the garlic they didn't notice what you were cooking up.

    I'll help you either haul, move or burn the log pile. Most likely burn...cause if I spy one spider we'll be lighting it up

  3. Poor Abby! She's forgiven!

  4. So why didn't said man get enlisted to help cut up wood and haul? perhaps you need to sweeten the deal with some homemade goodies?

  5. Abby is a good dog.

    I agree with Patty maybe you could have "sweetened the deal" for more help.

  6. Your Chicken dinner sounds good. The more garlic the better in my opinion ;)

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